I am a final year student of some sort, however after undertaking this unit I question this assumption. This is for a unit on film and philosophy, both have lowercase because niether are more important than the other, that I am struggling to undertake. You see I know a lot more than the general movie going public about semiotics and filmic techniques. Unfortunatley I know nothing of philosophy…….hmmm predicament. After 9 weeks of this unit I still don’t understand it. It being philosophy but I think I know why.

Philosophy like religion and politics is not for dinner table or polite conversation but more for indepth alcohol induced ramblings. I am not saying that this is the case of all philosophers but everyone can philosophise with enough motivation.

So here you will find slightly philosophical analyses of films without the room to tell you anything of the film and its true qualities. After all truth is subjective and my understanding of said truth won’t be yours.

Damn, I can philosophise and now if I can only understand the meaning of it all. Life, morals, freedom of choice, reality and an understanding of identity are explored poorly here, but then again nine weeks of thinking does not come close to the few thousand years philosophers have been recording their thoughts.

Finally if you discover my rational and logical thought please let me know, my wife is sick of the pretentious **** I have become.


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  1. I will follow with more coherent thoughts on film. My collection consists of over 300 films of different genres and these comprise of much International Cinema. To those wondering, my favourite film is Ivanovo Detstvo. No I did not discuss it here I did that during a World Film unit for a 3000 word essay that got me a 6.

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